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Book Your Personal Appointment with John or Daniel Today

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When it comes to premium furniture & lighting, if possible, you want to truly see & feel it. Book a private showroom appointment today. 

If you are unable to come in person, you can schedule an online virtual guided walk-through with John or Daniel.

What To Expect In Our Showroom

  • Variety of Options: Our luxury furniture showroom offers a wide range of furniture styles, materials, and designs. 
  • Hands-on Experience: Unlike online shopping, visiting our Italian/European furniture Showroom allows customers to physically interact with the furniture. They can test the comfort of a sofa, open and close drawers, feel the texture of different materials, and evaluate the overall quality of the pieces.
  • Expert Guidance: Italian and European Furniture Showroom staff members are knowledgeable about the furniture we carry. We can provide advice, answer questions, and offer guidance in selecting furniture that suits your specific needs, style preferences, and budget. 
  • Inspiration and Visual Representation: The Italian/European Furniture Showroom provides inspiration and ideas for interior design and home decor. Showroom displays are often designed to showcase furniture in a visually appealing and coordinated manner, allowing customers to visualize how different pieces can work together to create a cohesive look.
  • Customization Options: Visiting our Italian furniture showroom makes it easy for our staff to go over the many customization options. Customers can choose specific fabrics, finishes, or configurations to tailor the furniture to their individual preferences and requirements.
  • Price Range: Milano Italian Furniture stores high-end luxury pieces. The price tags will be displayed on or near the furniture items, allowing you to evaluate their cost and determine whether they fit your budget.
  • Delivery and After-Sales Service: We provide delivery services, ensuring that the purchased furniture reaches the customer’s home safely. Additionally, we often offer after-sales services such as warranties, repairs, and assistance with furniture assembly.