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About Milano Italian Furniture


Whether you are looking for an entire collection or an accent piece, Milano Italian Furniture aims to be the best Italian Furniture store in the world by offering the finest in high-end furniture. From classic luxury furniture to modern luxury furniture, we have the perfect solution to enhance the beauty of your home.

Why Italian Furniture

Our passion for Italian furniture comes from our deep respect and understanding of its true artisan craftsmanship and sophistication. This comes only from knowledge and skills passed on through generations of Italian furniture makers, skills that automated machinery can’t match. With our extensive collection of handpicked fabrics, colors, and finishes, the Milano team offers you excellent choices of classic furniture and modern furniture, lighting, and accessories. Experience the ultimate luxury shopping at Milano’s Orange County showroom, boasting 30,000 square feet of curated elegance.

Why We are the Best Italian Furniture Store

Milano’s experience in the Luxury Italian furniture industry goes back to 1972 with Nagub Sultan. He passed on the business and expertise to his son, John Sultan, who now operates Milano Italian Furniture with his son, Daniel.

 The Sultan family works with over 20 of the best Italian manufacturers, whom they visit once or twice a year to stay current with the latest trends and styles and strengthen their relationships with each Italian furniture brand.

 Milano Italian Furniture distinguishes itself by offering much higher-quality luxury furniture than most competitors at a reasonable price. We provide high-level service with robust communication and stay involved in your project through the end. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping our customers find the perfect piece of Italy for their Los Angeles home.

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