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Options for Silik finishes

02 CAT. I

White Polychromed

03 CAT. I

Ivory Polychromed

06 CAT. II

Craquele Polychromed

10 CAT. II

Gold Leaf

31 CAT. I

Pale grey with Gilted profiles

32 CAT. I

Light Ivory with Gilted profiles

34 CAT. I

White Craquele with gilted profiles

38 CAT. II

Brilliant white Gold

40 CAT. II

Antique Florentine Gold

41 CAT. II

White Gold

42 CAT. I

Pearly White with gilted profiles

43 CAT. I

White patinated with gilted profiles

45 CAT. I

Antique White with gilted profiles

46 CAT. II

Antique Gold patinated

47 CAT. II

Antique Silver

48 CAT. II

Gold patinated

50 CAT. II

Champagne with gilted profiles

51 CAT. II

Walnut with gilted profiles

90 CAT. I


91 CAT. I

Lacquered Silver

92 CAT. I

Lacquered Gold

93 CAT. I

Lacquered “Mecca syle” Silver

94 CAT. II

Red Gold